Call the Witness
Mandarin Ducks


The Second Johannesburg Biennale in1997 was our first large scale project. Since 2005 AisP is visible at the Venice Biennale. Mostly involved in the production of the Dutch pavilion in the Giardini. We also made a success of the Roma pavilion by Aernout Mik and the Greek pavilion by Stefanos Tsivopoulos. With a multidisciplinary team, we set up the exhibition from start to finish.

For artists that participate in an exhibition at the international platforms we can produce their work and install it at the location, like Collateral Events at the Venice Biennale, Panorama 2000, Frieze Art Fair, Art Basel, Unseen and Manifesta.

Watering the Water

Cinema Olanda

to be all ways to be

History Zero

Call the Witness


Citizens and Subjects

Mandarin Ducks