(Leave) Space for Space

Artist Morag Myerscough
Client NDSM
Date -

NDSM werf

Production and installation of the work (Leave) Space for Space

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What makes you feel at home somewhere? That question is at the heart of the work (Leave) Space for Space - a temporary meeting place at NDSM, enriched with colorful text boards inspired by and by Amsterdam-Noord. The work is a symbol of exchange and connection, amidst the dynamic developments in both the rapidly changing Amsterdam-Noord and the growing NDSM area. The result is a playful and striking construction with seats, swing benches and mobile phones that dance with the wind. A meeting place for everyone, young, old, local, and international.


Myerscough is known for her location-specific approach, using typical phrases, words, and visual poems to create a sense of local community, shared identity, and ownership over public space. During workshops, local residents shared their views on Amsterdam-Noord with her. Myerscough translated this input into words and patterns that occupy a prominent place in the installation.

(Leav) Space for Space